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Hello and welcome to my blog everyone!

Friday, September 6, 2019


Hi all!

I had taken a little hiatus from writing and posting, but I am back at it again! :)

This time I am adding filming booktube Youtube videos to compliment my articles I publish on Hubpages and any extra posts I publish on my blog here. The booktube videos will cover book reviews and any book-related topics I wish to cover. Poems and little blurbs about my adventures, travels, and Hubpages articles will be featured here as always, along with blurbs about the booktube videos I film, so there'll be a lot more posts to look forward to.

My first booktube video is one of me doing the Booktube Newbie Tag questions as a way for me to officially introduce myself to the booktube Youtube community. Check it out from my Youtube channel or here:

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