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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Poetry Taste #16: "Embracing 30"

30th birthday cupcake | © Africa Studio - Adobe Stock

Below is a nonet poem "poetry taste" I have recently written about how I was feeling one year ago before I turned 30 last December.

At first I was not looking forward
To turning thirty - but soon I
Realized it is not so bad.
As thirty drew closer, I looked to embrace
it. A chapter
To newly
Start for

[Alyssa Scheidemann - 2019]

I also wrote an acrostic poem version of this poem subject. The acrostic poem is published on Hubpages. Please visit the Hubpages "My Hubs" section below in this blog for the link to read the acrostic poem titled "Thirty."

Monday, October 21, 2019

New Booktube Video: October 2019 Book and Bookish Haul

Yet another Booktube video has been posted!

The recent booktube video I posted is an October 2019 Books and Bookish Haul video, in which I show the books and bookish items I have recently acquired - either by purchasing or being given - within the past month or so. Check it out from my Youtube channel or here:

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Poetry Taste #15: "Reclined Twist Practice"

The mountain of stress
Had formed intricate knots in my back.
I know exactly what needs to be done
To make me relaxed - it is not a stranger to me.

Moments later I am lying on my mat,
Arms outstretched to the letter T;
Legs bent in and folded to my torso -
Ready to twist about in a reclined twist.

Twisting and turning one way,
Then the other.
Wringing out built up of stress,
Stretching and untwisting the intricate knots.

Bending but not braking;
Loving to love myself.
I breathe in and breathe out,
Keeping rhythm with my stretching self.

Finally, I am relaxed and stress-free;
And one of my favorites in yoga
Has melted away the mountain successfully -
The reclined twist pose.

[Alyssa Scheidemann - 2019]